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Looking for staff!

Golden Sun Online

I need a staff for Golden Sun Online!

Golden Sun Online needs more than only one person, because i cant do everything then it would have taken me many years.

I need a staff that can work often and is much on MSN when they got the job.

And the staff can choose if they want to be in the credits.

Hope i get a staff soon( PS: If your one of the staff your of course GM.)

Jobs i need.

The jobs i need is:
Character designers
Map designers
Quest designer
Logo designer
Login-Screen designer(Other screens to, e.g. Option screen)
Cursor designer
Battle designers
HP, PP and EXP-Bar designer
House designer (An extra secret that comes in the game)
Programming helper (GML)
Beta-testers (Do not contact me for this)

To get any of these jobs, contact me at(exept for beta-tester):

Camelot acception status: No acception yet, waiting for acception